Mortgage Loan

Microfinance Organization “MJC” offers the mortgage loans at simplified terms and conditions, without any prepayments and withdrawal commissions.

In case of early repayment you have to pay only accrued interests. For this loan no additional documentation (certificate of salary, bank history etc.) is required, it is granted based on the reliable real estate guarantee, within Tbilisi, upon submission of the identity card and with the guarantor’s security.

Mortgage loan with reliable real estate guarantee:

·Apartment (within Tbilisi)


·Commercial premises

Loan interests and principal amount may be paid at the branch offices of Giro Credit. Principal amount may be reduced without any fines for early repayment. In case of reduction of the principal amount the interests are accrued on such reduced loan, free schedule of repayment, if required, using of the amounts within the credit line limit.

Required documents:

·wners identity card

·Excerpt from Public Registry

·Guarantor’s identity card

Mortgage loan amount

The loan will be issued only in the national currency to individuals.

The loan will be issued in the national / foreign currency, legal entities.