Auto Loan

Auto Loan

Auto loan is granted without leaving of the office, within 40 minutes, without any re-registration formalities, at high security value and low interest rate, based on the identity card and vehicle registration certificate.

Auto loan terms and conditions:

The loan is secured with the car (manufactured after 2000). Loan amount is 40% of the car value if on the move and 60% of the vehicle value, if it is parked. Payment every 30 days

·If the vehicle is on the move,

ins urance is required

Loan interests and principal amount may be paid at the branch offices of Giro Credit. Principal amount may be reduced without any fines for early repayment. In case of reduction of the principal amount the interests are accrued on such reduced loan, free schedule of repayment, if required, using of the amounts within the credit line limit.

Auto loan may be granted for three years. The master loan agreement is made for auto loan for three-year term and specific loan agreements are made for 90-day term. If the interests are properly paid the loan agreement may be extended for three years. If the vehicle is on the move the client shall pay the loan insurance and if the vehicle is parked, no loan insurance is required.

·The vehicles will be placed at special protected parking.

Required documents:

·wner’s identity card

·Vehicle registration certificate

·Guarantor’s identity card (if the loan is secured)

The loan will be issued only in the national currency to individuals, granted without leaving the office, in 40 minutes, without any re-registration formalities.

The loan will be issued in the national / foreign currency, legal entities